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A New Rooftop Solar Power Plant Goes Live in Batamindo Industrial Park, Indonesia


One of the key considerations for the planning and implementation of eco-industrial parks is the management of the energy demands of the park using renewable sources. Not only do renewable energy installations contribute to national targets, but the provision of non-fossil fuel based energy has also been welcomed by a growing number of tenant companies […]

Terms of Reference Workshop with MM2100 Industrial Town, Batamindo Industrial Park, KIIC Industrial Park, and Tenant Companies on Collaborative Synergy Opportunities and Introduction to Sustainability Reporting


Industrial parks have long been recognized as an efficient means of unifying industrial activities with business, infrastructure and service objectives. Industrial parks share many commonalities, in that they are planned and developed with the objective of fostering economic growth and of improving location’s competitiveness through potential collaborative and efficiency gains. In the context of mounting pressure to address climate change and foster international development, it is becoming increasingly clear that industrial parks need to move beyond their traditional resource intensive business models to integrate environmental and social dimensions to remain a frontrunner in the economic activities.

Terms of Reference Workshop of Technical Licensing (Pertek) and Monitoring and Reporting Environmental Impact Assessment (AMDAL) for Eco-Industrial Parks (EIP)

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In order to realize the goal of an eco-industrial park, industrial areas must understand and implement capacity building in accordance with the correct rules and guidelines. Apart from improving the quality and innovation of technology development in each industry, industrial estates also need to regulate so that the environment in the area can be monitored and in line with this goal. Therefore, the government has set up guidelines and information for monitoring so that it is easier for industry and industrial estates to carry out their business activities. So, it is necessary to deliver material to industrial areas and tenants to understand the latest regulations as a guideline by the government to support the realization of an eco-industrial park.
Within the framework of the Global Eco-Industrial Parks Programme (GEIPP) in Developing and Transition Countries currently implemented by UNIDO and funded by the Government of Switzerland through its State Secretariat of Economic Affairs, this Project–the GEIPP Indonesia Country Level Intervention–will address the development of eco-industrial parks in Indonesia.