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Terms of Reference Workshop with MM2100 Industrial Town, Batamindo Industrial Park, KIIC Industrial Park, and Tenant Companies on Collaborative Synergy Opportunities and Introduction to Sustainability Reporting

Industrial parks have long been recognized as an efficient means of unifying industrial activities with business, infrastructure and service objectives. Industrial parks share many commonalities, in that they are planned and developed with the objective of fostering economic growth and of improving location’s competitiveness through potential collaborative and efficiency gains. In the context of mounting pressure to address climate change and foster international development, it is becoming increasingly clear that industrial parks need to move beyond their traditional resource intensive business models to integrate environmental and social dimensions to remain a frontrunner in the economic activities.
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Terms of Reference Workshop on Improving Social Performance of Industrial Parks (IPs) in Indonesia

Eco industrial park program organized by Unido aims to change industrial areas in Indonesia into environmentally friendly industrial areas. There are many efforts to realize the eco industrial park program, one of which is social indicators. Social indicators are statistical time series that are "used to monitor the social system, helping to identify changes and to guide intervention to alter the course of social change". Through the implementation of social indicators for industrial estates, the social objectives can be more clearly defined of which can construct, the process of data collection to measure and monitor social results and assess and report progress. Reporting includes both internal reports that assess and improve decision making and external reports that demonstrate whether social objectives are being achieved. Within the framework of the Global Eco-Industrial Parks Programme (GEIPP) in Developing and Transition Countries currently implemented by UNIDO and funded by the Government of Switzerland through its State Secretariat of Economic Affairs, this Project–the GEIPP Indonesia Country Level Intervention–will address the development of eco-industrial parks in Indonesia. Through the cooperation with Ministry of Industry, GEIPP programme will support the implementation of capacity building series for industrial parks and tenant SMEs to meet international standards and requirements, that includes social indicator to meet all of the eco industrial park minimum requirements. The social benefits deriving from EIP activities can catalyze the creation of quality local jobs through better working conditions.
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